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Elton Dean, Chairman of the Montgomery County Commission and candidate for Mayor of Montgomery, released his plan for reducing crime in Montgomery. The plan he calls the “Take Back Our Town” program approaches crime reduction from several different angles including law enforcement, job growth, education and community involvement.

The first part of Dean’s plan focuses on law enforcement. He says, if elected Mayor, he would work to increase the number of law enforcement officers patrolling the streets of Montgomery by at least 100. He also believes that it is time to open precincts in West and East Montgomery.

“We live in a large city and we need to set up our police command to accommodate the large geography that they have to cover,” Dean explained. “By establishing precincts in West Montgomery and East Montgomery, police officers will be able to do their jobs more effectively. Having more police officers on the ground and having them operate out of precincts around the city will be an essential first step to combatting crime.”

Dean also pledged to work closely with the District Attorney to ensure that he has everything he needs from the city and county to effectively prosecute criminals.

Dean also believes that connecting Montgomery citizens with companies that are offering quality jobs with good pay will help to reduce crime. To that end, he would hold quarterly job fairs that would be sponsored by the Office of the Mayor. These job fairs would bring Montgomery companies that are hiring to one location so that Montgomery citizens who are looking for work could apply for jobs with the corporations that are hiring. He also stressed that two job fairs per year would focus on companies that had openings for part-time jobs for high school students and recent graduates.

“We need to help connect people who want to work with companies that are hiring, including our young people. Having a job can make a meaningful impact in someone’s life and in our communities,” Dean said. “You get a sense of self-worth and dignity from working and we have people in our community that want to work. This will put them in touch with companies that can hire them.”

The education community also has a role in Dean’s crime reduction initiative. He wants to pair middle school and high school students with professionals from the community that can serve as mentors and role models to students. Modeled after the Big Brother/Big Sisters program, Dean’s plan would match businessmen and businesswomen from around the city with groups of 3-5 middle school and high school students to serve as role models for the city’s young people.

Dean doesn’t think government, alone, can solve the crime program and is seeking community involvement to address the issue as well.

“I know that government can not solve all of our problems and government, alone, can not eliminate all crime.” Dean said. “I think it is important for us to approach this problem from all sides and to work together to make Montgomery as safe as it can possibly be.”

To that end, Dean says his administration would host monthly town hall meetings across the city to address the issues that the city is facing.

“As mayor, I want to take the meetings to the people, just as we have done on the County Commission,” Dean explained. “I will host monthly ‘Meetings with the Mayor’ around the city and bring religious leaders, educators, parents and concerned citizens together to discuss issues, including crime, and to hear their ideas. I don’t have all of the answers and I can’t fix all of this alone but if we all come together, we can start making a real impact.”

Dean believes that crime is an important issue to everyone in Montgomery and that the solution must be multi-faceted. He insists people from across the city must participate to find a solution. He believes that the majority of crimes are committed by a small number of people who are intent on causing problems for the entirety of Montgomery.

“The vast majority of Montgomery citizens are good, law abiding people,” Dean said. “The troublemakers need to put down their guns and pick up a Bible.”

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